Stories of a lifetime

We craft life stories into cinematic documentaries for your family.
How it works

1. Get in touch

Tell us about the special person you’d like a film about. We’ll discuss all the options with you and provide the best quote.

2. Before the interview

With your input we’ll tailor questions to your loved one’s life and arrange a time for the interview.

3. The interview

We come to them and set up a mini film studio. Then with cameras rolling we’ll get talking, and talking.

4. The edit

We find the most compelling moments and craft an engaging film. We cut out the questions and make your loved one’s story speak for itself.

5. Add magic

We fine tune the film, add your family photos and a cinematic musical score to match the film’s tone. You review the film and propose changes.

6. The finished film

Delivered to you on USB ready to be watched and shared on all devices. You’ll also receive an online link to share the film with family and friends.


Can I take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of our family for the beautiful, sensitive interviews and film you have created of our two wonderful oldies — you have captured their kindness, their goodness, sense of fun, contributions to humanity, lives well lived, and deep love for each other as well as for us. This is a very precious gift for all the grand children and future generations.

Heirloom Films client

I’ve watched the film about my Mum more times than I can count. I see different things every time, I hear new words, see new gestures. For Mum, the film afforded her the opportunity to tell me things she had never told me.

Heirloom Films client

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Heirloom Films do?

We create high-quality documentary films about your loved ones. Using interviews, photos, home movies and music we bring your family history to life.

Why use film rather than oral or written history?

Every medium has its own benefits. Film has a special power to capture not only cherished stories but also an intimate portrait a person – gestures, smiles, laughs. Video has become part of everyday life and a perfect way to share stories with younger generations.

Why not do it myself?

We encourage everyone to record life stories with their loved ones, whether it’s on paper or on an iPhone. As professional filmmakers we offer expertise in interviewing and crafting life stories into compelling films that will engage generations to come.

Can I tell my own life stories?

Of course! Get in touch to discuss a film about your life.

Where do you offer the service?

We currently service NSW and ACT within 100kms of Canberra, Sydney or Wollongong. We’re more than happy to go further afield though extra charges may apply. Get in touch to discuss the options.


Will my loved one be comfortable?

We aim to make the experience of being in front of the camera a pleasure. We take every care to make sure interviewees are comfortable and take breaks whenever necessary.

Can our extended family share the cost?

Often families run their own mini ‘crowd funding’ campagin so everyone can chip in to make a film about grandma or grandpa.


Where will the interview take place?

We come to the person being interviewed, wherever is most convenient.  All that’s required is a quiet room at least 4m x 4m where we can set up a mobile studio. We can also arrange to film the interview in aged care homes.

Who will conduct the interview?

One of our highly experienced documentary filmmakers will conduct the interview. Questions will be based on information discussed in advance with the interviewee and/or family members.

Will we get to review the film before it’s finalised?

Yes. You will get an opportunity to review the film and request changes before receiving the completed film.

Find out about all the options